packing tips for walt disney world

I read, and read, and read some more on how to travel to Disney. What to pack and what not to pack. Here is the list of 20 things that without my research never would have thought bring but TOTALLY needed.

1) The Disney Junior Encylopedia of Animated Characters I did a post on how to make a great autograph book.

2) skirt/pant hanger – re purpose plastic ones from old navy or Wal-Mart and use them to hang bathing suits and towels to dry. The bathroom will have a clothes line but its get full fast with a family of 4. Clip the bathing suits to the hanger then hang them on the clothes line. It will leave lots of room for each members wet gear.

3) Moleskin – everyone want pretty new shoes for vacation right? Well the downside of new shoes is breaking them in. blisters can put a big wet blanket on the trip the involves days of walking. Moleskin is an awesome product that you can cut to size to put on places where you shoes are rubbing on your feet. Just don’t forget scissors because that stuff is tough and impossible to rip. You can pick this up in the 1st aide section in any drugstore

4) Scissors!! – see above

5) Pins for trading – my Daughters favourite thing to do was trade pins. I had been to Disney years before she was born and collected pins, I brought them downs again and she loved finding different cast members to trade with. If you haven’t been before buy some cheap ones before you go. The Disney store has them, but I got some great deals at the Disney store outlet in Vaugh Mills Mall.

what to pack for a trio to walt disney world

6) Ponchos – you can pick up cheap ponchos at the dollar store. We grab bunched. It will down pour for 10 minutes or so in the middle of the day. We would throw the ponchos on then throw them away after. It was less to carry and the cheap ones are impossible to fold up and small as the came

7) Glowsticks – we also pick up glowstick from the dollar store. They made waiting for fireworks a little easier and distracted them from asking up to buy the $25 light up that every other vendor was selling

8) A brightly colour scarf. I have this amazing stroller. So amazing that everyone else has it too. I tie a bright pink scarf around the handle so it is easy to spot when coming of a ride.

9) dish soap sample – excellent for washing sippy cups, bottles and Disney drink cups in the sink at the bathroom. One pack is good for 5 or 6 washes.

10) laundry samples – I save up all my samples for traveling. I am also that person the dreads going home with a million loads of laundry to do. So on our last day while the kids are napping, I take all the clothes down and wash them in the guest laundry room. The washer and dryers are huge and take double loads so I have get 6 to 8 loads done in 1.5 hours. That would take me nearly 3 days to do at home.

11-13) Ziploc Bags – I cannot suggest this enough. I used them constantly through Disney

– I always pack my toiletries in one because if it explodes there isn’t cream/shampoo/toothpaste everywhere.

- I bring large ones to carry extra clothes in for the kids, so if some has an accident or gets wet I have a place to contain the mess and spare clothes too.

- I bring smaller ones to fill with ice for using in a cooler and cooling down a boo boo or for moving my doggy bag left overs into, because they take up less room in the mini fridge and stay fresher longer. Ziplocs are very valuable when I am traveling anywhere.

12) night light – another easy thing to pick up at the dollar store. The little LED ones are nice. They are colorful so they aren’t as bright.

13) collapsible laundry bin – Easy to find at Walmart or Ikea. Folds super flat and weighs nothing – very easy to bring along in your suitcase. There isn’t a lot of storage space in the room so we would leave our clean clothes in the suitcase and put dirty ones in the basket. On the last day I would move all the dirty clothes back in the suitcase and take it down to laundry to wash them all.

14) Sharpies – use them to write names on Disney mugs (because everyone in your resort will have the same mug) or for characters to sign autograph books. They are handy.

15) My 411 wristband – Mabels labels makes these increddily handy wrist bands. You customize them with the info you want. we put “If lost call mom at …..” I have seen others put allergy info or other important medical info. Although I am ALWAYS with my kids, there is always the “what if”. I find if I am prepared for the “what ifs” I am never in that situation.

16) Pre bought sounvirs. Disney merchandise is everywhere now. We also have great Disney stores close by. Buying little sounviers here is much cheapers. Yes there is always specials stuff you can only get in the park, but stickers, pens, Disney character shirts and etc are much cheaper here. I had forgotten socks for my son and paid $16.95 for 3 pairs that had mickey ears on them… nearly the same socks at walmart = $5.50

17) A Belt bag – some may thing its a fanny pack – I know I know I know….Tacky right? Nope. Lululemon makes awesome ones. They can go around your waist or across your body. I was able to keep it on me on almost every ride and I didn’t have to leave money or IDs in the stroller out of my sight. Beau & Ro are another awesome belt bag company.

Disney World Must Have

18) Shower curtain. – very cheap and easy to get. We kept our’s folded under our stroller and if the sky was going dark while we were going into eat or on a ride we covered the stroller with it. Worked awesome and kept everything including the diaper bag dry.

19) Over the Door Shoe Holder – hangs up in the closet (which is usually right next the bathroom sink. Use the little pockets to keep toiletries, 1st aide and meds handy and visible. The bathroom counters in the value resorts are small and this is an easy we to keep the clutter at bay

20) Corkscrew – we brought a bottle of wine (or 3) to the hotel. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A CORKSCREW. Enough said?

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  • great tips – what i’ve done instead of bringing a bottle of dish soap, i “pre-soap” a sponge. about 1-2 weeks before we leave, i pour some Dawn on a sponge and let it dry. after a couple days (i give it a week, but it’s usually dry within a few days), i cut up the sponge into the number of nights we are staying.

    makes washing the mugs out much easier and we dont have to worry about it leaking (i’m paranoid like that).

    • That is brilliant!!

  • I would really like to print the extra pages for the encyclopedia book, but I can’t figure out how to do it. They go straight to Photobucket and I can’t see aplace to print. Help please!! I love this list and have gotten some new ideas of what to take on my WDW trip in April! Thank you!!!

    • You have to signe into photobucket then click on the pages ( in red) to see them .tNext look at the top of the page where it says upload. Then upload the pages to your own computer and then you’ll be able to print.

  • Most of these, believe it or not, we take with us. But, the shoe caddy by the sink is genius. Definitely on my list for next trip.

  • I am trying to find that adorable Lululemon hip pack you have pictured. I’ve checked the site, and have had no luck, even tried ebay and amazon, any advice?

  • The shower curtain also helps to hold in heat for the kids in the stroller if you are going during cooler weather. We did this alot when our kids were smaller.

  • We are all adults and have decided to take camel packs with us when we go. You can fill it with ice and water (and crystal light if you want flavor), Has a couple of small pockets to hold a small first aid kit (use a Altoids can), energy bars, extra hair elastics (if someone has long hair), needed meds, etc. Also, if going in the summer, the pack will keep you cooler. Also, saw some little towels advertised that you wet and snap and put around your neck. When they get warm, just snap again and they will cool again. I think I saw them advertised at Lowe’s.

  • We drive to Disney…….and I pack all clothes and personal items in 4 clear rubbermate tubs. This keeps any concerns over bed bugs away ….and the clear side make finding items easier. As well, they stack well.

  • Another good use for plastic bags is putting breakables in them, then blowing them up like balloons. The cushion of air protects them from breakage.

    • Brilliant!

  • I used a gallon ziplock a few weeks ago when we went to Disneyland anytime we rode on a ride that my camera could possibly get wet. I just put my camera in the ziplock to make sure it didn’t get hurt.
    Great tips!

  • I loved your tips! I no longer have toddlers or children under eight, but I found these to be very useful. I love the post about the pre-soaked (in soap) sponges. Brilliant!

  • We bring along 1-2 of the pop up laundry hampers from Dollar Tree. Organizes dirty laundry and helps when having to do some loads. They are very lightweight and take up no room at all in the suitcase.

    • They are my fav!

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